Looking for the best web support & advice from a woman with the same morals and values as you?

Asalamu Alaikum. I’m Hantaah

A Web Master & WordPress Consultant

I love what I do but what I love far more than being a web geek is helping others succeed. I thrive on giving more and offering a super service that exceeds the usual design process.


That is why I have spent the last year with a team of experts developing a “super Muslimah Web Design process“. Making sure all workflows are precise and efficient. This means you get a super experience and I find you the best of the best solutions.




After care system
Special & Efficient After Care

Tailored To Your Needs

Included in the process is a special after care system that I have developed called “Look Over My Shoulder” where I help you succeed by showing you how.


In my experiences I have listened to what people want and some people want extra help but others just want to be shown how to do it themselves. So I have found the most efficient way to help and guide you to the best resources, support and tutorials with additional 1-1 support to hand.

Fresh Modern Designs

Streamlined, modern, simple designs that are user friendly using the latest technologies and design trends.

Responsive Design

Viewing the internet from other devices is now more popular than viewing from desktop so I make sure all designs are fully responsive for viewing on all devices.

Powered By WordPress

Used by more than 75 million around the world it is the most popular choice for businesses. I'll show you how it will tailor your needs and make your online business life so much easier and more efficient.

Effective Solutions

I'm not here to just make a pretty site for it to become a sitting duck. I use my years of experience to bring ideas that will put your web life into fifth gear.

Powered By Passion

I exceed in delivery because I'm passionate about what I do. Similarly I need to feel excited about what I do which is why I pick my projects carefully, making sure I work with projects that have great potential.

Are you better than your competitor? Do you have potential to be the best?

First Step


Are you the right person to make this work? Help me assess your needs and goals and show me that your work ethic and business potential is enough to take you to the top.

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Second Step


I will see what I can offer you and how I propose to do it. We will meet and discuss this and come to an agreement to commence the project.

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Third Step

Mock Up

I start my creative process and start work on the mock up where I will find out what you like.

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A Website Without A Strategy Is Like A Car Without Fuel.

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