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3 Tools To Make Content Marketing Effective & Easy

Not Getting Visitors To Your Site? Now What?

Your website is built and all ready to go, now you just need to get visitors. I’ll show you how to do just that with the easiest tools and methods.


People often think that once their site is launched, that is the end of the project. You couldn’t be more wrong. Actually it’s just the very beginning of your web life. Think of it as your baby. The creation of it was your pregnancy, the launch the birth and so now the work really begins.


Unfortunately your website is not going to grow on it’s own. It needs nurturing into the best website it can be. Google and the rest of the web need to get to know it and trust it and work needs to be done to nurture it into an authoritative status. Otherwise it becomes just another web sitting duck. Problem is, this is not an easy thing to do. Unless you know the right methods and tools to use so read on.


What Is Content Marketing?

So how do we get visitors to our site? Content marketing is the best place to start. What is content marketing I hear you say? Basically content marketing is technique used to market your business through creating content of value that will attract your target market. The object of the game is to encourage your visitors to take action upon what you are selling or promoting. The content that you create should be created consistently (preferably 2 posts a week) and through this you should see a regular flow of visitors. Each post you create overtime will build up a snowball effect of traffic.


Let’s say you create 2 posts a week and each post gets 50 visitors a month.  Over time that means you will be getting 4800 visitors a month just through direct post views. It is also recommended that you link them to other pages on your site. For example “You might remember my post on such and such [link to it]” or in my case I will say “welcome to my new blog which will be replacing my Look Over My Shoulder posts.” This is what we call link juice and shows Google your posts are being recommended and that helps your site rank.


Easy right? Well it may be for some people but if you’re anything like me it’s not something that comes naturally. I’ve had to really work hard at it and have failed miserably so many times in the past. There are so many tools and so much to learn and understand. I know how overwhelming it can be and how easy it can be to just give up. It’s great to know that someone else has been through it all before and already has the answers and knows the best tools so that you don’t have to go through all that frustration alone.


Content Marketing Tools For Non Tech Savvy People

Creating content is one thing but getting people in to read it is another. You can’t just create great content and expect visitors to roll in and read it. You need to get people to know it is there. And here are some tools and tips for doing just that.


These tools are not just for non tech savvy people because I use them myself for my own site but my point is that anyone can use them and master them. You can make your own content marketing effective and easy with less learning and stress.


The Tools

We’ll start from the top, with the tools you need to use first and move up the process from there. Again I’m using the tools that I have come across that are the easiest to use with the most effective results.


Feedly Icon1 – Feedly For Inspiration

Whether you are or you aren’t a creative writer feedly is a great tool for inspiration. Once you sign up you can add feeds to your account that you are interested in blogging about. As soon as you start reading you should be picking up on certain things and writing ideas down for possible future posts straight away. You will be amazed at how fast the inspiration comes to you.



First have a good think about who you want to reach and what they are currently reading. If you don’t already have a bunch of websites in mind for adding to your feedly feed then just put your self in the shoes of your target market. Think about what they will be searching for, do some google searches and see what comes up. If they have a lot of great posts with great content start adding them to your feedly feeds to read.


Jaaxy Icon2 – Jaaxy For Keyword Research

Once you know what you want to write about you will need to know what keywords or keyphrases you are going to use. These are the words or phrases your target market is putting into google and searching for. So if your target market is searching for “Muslim schools In London” then you want to be on page one, preferably number one on the search results for that key phrase.



Unfortunately it’s not as easy as that. Keyword research is finding words or phrases, not only what your target market are looking for but words and phrases that you will be able to compete for. Say there are 50,000 searches a month made for Muslim Schools in london. That’s great but the question is what sites are already competing for the top spot for that phrase and will you be able to beat them?


Looking for the right Keywords can be tricky and frustrating but Jaaxy makes it easy. Once you get an understanding of what the data they show you means, it is as easy as looking for a green light and avoiding the yellow and red ones. You may often need to decide whether you want to try hard and go for more traffic or play it safe and go for less traffic with a higher chance of getting your post on the first page.


As well as the ease of use, Jaaxy has a great training program that it makes available to all users that shows you step by step how to use and understand the program.


SEO by yoast3 – WordPress SEO With Yoast

Joost (yoast) De Valk, the founder of the famous WordPress plugin, is one of the top SEO brains in the industry. Thankfully he has created an amazing plugin for us to use and help us with our SEO on wordpress. One of the best parts of this plugin is the on page seo it helps us with.


You can take your new founded keywords and add them to the yoast section on the page you are creating and it will give you green/yellow/red lights to show you what areas you need to work on to make your page fully optimised for your keywords. Please visit Look Over My Shoulder for a more in depth video tutorial course on how to set up and use SEO Yoast


Tracking Your Rank

Here I would really be adding another tool. There are many out there and some quite expensive but thankfully it’s already covered in Jaaxy. Just click on site rank in the menu, add your url and it will track your rank for you.



Using Jaaxy to find and choose your keywords in my opinion is the easiest way to do it. However, with ease, as expected comes drawback. I have found it to be effective most of the time, the rest is just hit and miss.


So you will see traffic coming in over time in a snowball effect providing you stay consistent in posting 2 posts a week and stick with the do’s and don’ts of blogging.


The Do’s & Don’ts of Blogging

You should know and stick to important do’s and don’ts to get a good result from your efforts so here are so main pointers to stick to:



1 – Be Consistent

This means focusing on your target market and what they are interested in reading about and being consistent on that.

2 – Be passionate

Ralare your posts to you and your own experiences. Show your readers that you really know and love what you are talking about.

3 – Make Your Posts Easy To Read

No one will stop and read a messy post. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and well organised. Use interesting and relevant graphics when you see fit.

4 – Make it more than 600 words

This will give you a good seo scoring. Underneath that, well it may not be worth it.

5 – Spell and Grammar Check

This is more important than you think. If your readers pick up on mistakes they may lose respect for you and your authority. If you don’t have a proofreader on your side then read your post through a handful of times. Each time you do so you will pick up on mistakes. Keep reading it through until you cannot see any issues and use the spell check to highlight spelling mistakes.

6 – Write For People Not For Robots

We may be trying to get some good Google SEO brownie points through keywords but the way to do it is to write naturally. Google is a really smart cookie and knows when you are trying to add your keywords for the sake of SEO so write for people not for Google bots. The best SEO is no SEO (although this is an SEO method now) so if you write with your reader in mind then try and include your keywords wherever possible without it sounding unnatural. Natural wins over keyword stuffing and unnatural written articles.


1 – Don’t try and go for the most popular phrases

That you will never rank for like “How To Get Fit” It will be a waste of time and you should prefer to get a large piece of a small pie than a small piece of a large pie.

2 – Don’t rule out phrases that have hardly any searches.

They may not get you the best amount of visitors but when your site is new to the web it is worth going for easy targets. If you become number one for certain phrases and google sees this consistently it will give you marks for authority.

3 – Be Shy

If you want to say it say it. It doesn’t matter how long the post is or even if it controversial. Some times this sparks the most interest and gets interactivity. Just make sure you don’t offend your regular uses as you want them to continue to come back to you.

4 – Copy and Paste

Stealing someone else’s work is just not on. Not only that but it is duplicate content so it will probably work against you anyway.

5 – Write Around Your Keywords

I know we just used jaaxy to find your keywords to use in your article but long gone are the days where word stuffing will benefit. In fact it will go against you big time and maybe even get you a Google penalty. Keyword stuffing is placing your keywords in as much as possible. This should be avoided at all costs and if you have a keyword or phrase that sounds odd when you add it to your article you should change it immediately so that it sounds natural. It is a myth that exact keyword matches matter therefore write naturally.

If It’s Just All Too Much

I know this is not for everyone. Some people just want someone else to do it for them or just don’t have the time. Although this method is an essential part of marketing it is just a throw of a small stone in a large pond.


If that’s the case then and you are able to invest in getting the best results for your marketing and SEO then let me know and I will tackle your marketing strategy for you.


I’d be interested in knowing what your methods are and what works for you or let me know if you have any questions below.

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