4 Important Reasons To Secure Your Website Now

Where On Your List Of To Do’s Is Security?

You’ve just created your WordPress website and securing it is the last thing on your mind. You’re more interested in making it look good, adding content and using the premium features you just added.


I know where you’re coming from because I made that mistake too but through experience and knowledge I can help prevent you from making the same mistakes as I did by giving you 4 important reasons why you need to secure NOW before it’s too late.


An Unsecure Website Is Like Leaving Your House Unlocked

You’ve just bought a house and decorated it and kitted it up with modern furniture and digital gadgets. Would you go out, leave your door unlocked and windows open? Then drive to the shop and leave your keys in your car whilst you go shopping?


I ask but I already know the answer. Because it would be stupid to say yes. Well let me tell you that leaving your website unsecured is just the same as doing that. If you leave it open it will be broken into. The “it’ll never happen to me” attitude will leave you with huge stress and regret. Or perhaps you think “I only have a small site, I’m not that bothered” I’ll tell you just why that should not be the attitude.


The WordPress Security Myth

There are nearly 59 million posts a month produced on WordPress. It’s the most popular choice because it’s easy to use and really powerfull but some people might tell you that you shouldn’t use WordPress because it’s easy to hack.


That’s not exactly true. What they should really say is that if left unsecured then it is very vulnerable. Because of it’s popularity, hackers scout for WordPress sites and if they find one unsecured they can hack it easily.

So saying that you shouldn’t use WordPress because it’s easy to hack is like saying you shouldn’t buy a house in London because you will probably get burgled or you shouldn’t buy a nice car because it will be broken into or you shouldn’t use a computer because it will get a virus. No, rather you should use it but you must make sure that you secure it just like you do with your computer and your home.


On the other hand hackers manage to hack through 30,000 sites a day because a large majority of people do not secure their websites until it’s too late. I was one of those people and when it happens it is one of the most stressful and expensive things to fix.


Why Do People Hack Websites?

  • 1

    To Steal

    This is a very dangerous and serious form of hacking. Companies or even your own personal website may be a target to get your passwords & credit card details. Code injected into your site can give them access to the the computers of anyone who visits your site.

  • 2

    To Spread Vile Content

    This in my opinion is one of the worst forms of hacking. They can add their own content such as porn onto your site. They can also inject code that will spread to all the website visitors creating a huge virul effect.

  • 3

    For Fun

    For the sheer heck of it, because they could, for a challenge or to show off their skills. Yes, believe it or not this is how some hackers love to spend their time.

  • 4

    To Spread A Message

    Some hackers just have a political or ethical message. Their aim is to distrupt & spread their idealisms.


What Will Happen To My Site If It Is Hacked?

Important reasons to secure wordpressHa Ha You’ve Been Hacked

If you’re lucky this is the least they will do. When you try to access your website’s url you will see nothing but a badly designed page that says something like “Ha Ha you’ve been hacked”. It sounds trivial but you now have to clean and scan your whole site for malicious content to get it back to normal.


This can be very stressful, timely and expensive to deal with. Once removed you then need to quickly secure it so that they don’t come back and do it again.


Explicit content on your sitePlace Explicit Ads Or Content

This in my opinion the the worst of it. They can totally hijack your website and replace it with filth. Anyone who visits your site will see the filth that has been placed there.




redirect your visitors to another siteRedirect Your Visitors To Another Site

As soon as people try to access your website they will be redirected to websites that may contain explicit content or try to sell or advertise some service or product. The worst case senario is that it will redirect you to a site that fools you into putting in your personal and sensitive information such as your credit card details, home address etc.


These sites can be very convincing and your visitors may be none the wiser until it’s too late.


infected websiteBecome Infected

Hackers can change your websites code so that it uploads malware. This means that anyone visiting your site they can take over their computer getting access to your bank amd card details, steal your passwords to hijack all your accounts and even access your webcam.



What To Do

The main thing to do before anything else is to check to see if your developer has secured everything technically. This video will show you how:



If you have vaulnerabilities showing then your site needs to be tweeked technically now. Unless you really know what you are doing, I would not recommend you do so yourself. Go and ask your developer to do a total security service for you or you can book my total security service now:

Book My Total Security Service Now


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