Asalamu Alaikum

I’m Hantaah,
a Web Designer & WordPress Consultant.

About Me & My Work

I am a Welsh revert currently living in Birmingham, running a family and have an interest in web design. Having worked in offices, after becoming Muslim in 2004 I settled down and grew an interest in working from home. I focused on eBay but my interest was mostly on making the listings look good and so I started learning design as a hobby.


In 2006 I started a certified internet web masters degree at home. I started a family and took a break to have three children and then later became more serious about taking the interest further so I jumped in and created Muslimah Web Design.

Web Design

I enjoy working with and learning all the new technologies like css3 and html5.

UI/UX Design

I love to spend time and thought on getting the user experience right.


I find the world of annimation and javascript exciting and facinating.

3D Modeling

WordPress Is my favourite tool to work with and I love using the WordPress Development codex.

Not Just Your Designer

I’m Your Strategic Partner

I am here to create the best platform for your needs and to show you the most important steps you need to take to get your site working and purring as well as a ferrai on the roads of Monico (excuse my punts).


Not only am I here to show you how to do things but I will be available to inspire you. I have nearly 6 years of experience that I can help you with. So my advice and support is here to guide you along your way.

My desire is not to rip you off or sell you things you don’t need but to help anyone who has become stuck or needs help to go forward. I offer sincere advice and support with strategic ideas and point you in the right direction and guide you to the best resourses that I know and have tested.


I have spent so much time and effort to get to where I am today, save yours and let me deal with your headaches on your behalf.

Why Is Muslimah Web Design So Unique?

Exclusive Design For Women

As Muslim women we can work closely together so you can tell me your needs and wants without compromising.

Islamic Web design

Islamic web design means taking care of our islamic duties and leaving off the haram. Halal practices for a blessed web life..

My Killer Web Design Process

I’ll implement everything in a planned, structured and professional manner, making sure you get the best of the very best.

Special & Effective After Care

Then I’m here to inspire you. With nearly 6 years of experience, I’ll offer my sincere advice and support to guide you along your way.

Helping You Suceed By Showing You How

I have found the most efficent way to help and guide you to the best resources, support and tutorials with additional 1-1 support to hand.

Think Of Me As Your Partner

As your strategic partner i’ll work with your success as my focus. I will listen to your expectations and thoughtfully plan your route.

Religious Morals & Responsibility

My desire is not to rip you off or sell you things you don’t need but to help when you’re stuck and get you ready to move forward..


Please take a look at my portfolio and case studies. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions below.

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Little Qari Respomsive showcase
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Drop Me a line

Maa sha Allah I really appreciate it when people get in touch. Sometimes it may be inspiring, encouragement, to touch base or just to make connections.

Asalamu Alaikum

Got Something To Say?

A big part of making an online business success is building our oinline connections.

When we connect we widen our horisons and encourage our community to grow in such a positive.


I would love to hear from you if you have any questions, suggestions or business oportunities or even if it is just to reach out and grow your online connections.


Please note that Muslim Web Design is a female run by – run for service only so contact is strictly for women only.


I look forward to hearing from you.