Secret formula for effective post writing

Secret Formular For Writing Effective Posts

In my previous post, you learnt about 3 Tools To Make Content Marketing Effective & Easy. Now that you have the right tools and knowledge to gain ideas and keywords for your posts, the next step is to create them.   In this post, I'm going to tell you the secret formula that I use to write effective posts. This formula will make writing a lot easier for you and a lot more interesting for your readers.   Blogging...

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WordPress Maintenance

Ways & Why’s of Maintaining Your Site

Why You Should Be Maintaining Your Site? Just like a car or a house, your website needs to be regularly maintained for it to function properly. I'm going to go through the essential tasks that need to be done, how to do them and why they are so important. This will give you a clear view about what is required and a better knowledge of the pro's and cons of doing them.   What Happens If You Do...

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Mobile Friendly Sites

Why Your Site Needs To Be Mobile Friendy

Mobile friendly sites are now in vogue and although most people request their sites to be mobile friendly some people just don't know what this means or why their site looks as it does on a mobile phone.   I'd like to try and demonstrate what a mobile-friendly site should look like and why things need to be displayed in a mobile-friendly order to benefit your sites performance and achieve the goals you deserve.   The Uprise Of Mobile...

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4 Important Reasons To Secure Your Website Now

Where On Your List Of To Do's Is Security? You've just created your WordPress website and securing it is the last thing on your mind. You're more interested in making it look good, adding content and using the premium features you just added.   I know where you're coming from because I made that mistake too but through experience and knowledge I can help prevent you from making the same mistakes as I did by giving you 4...

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Increase traffic and conversions with images best practices

Increase Your Traffic & Conversions With Correct Use Of Images

When adding content to your website it is often tempting and easier to use graphics for things like buttons, separators and banners but there are many drawbacks of doing so. Not only is it easier but perhaps we think that adding graphics in place of text is sometimes more visually appealing, however this is not always the case either.   In this post I hope to explain: first the reasons why we should think about using code or...

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Tools For Content Marketing

3 Tools To Make Content Marketing Effective & Easy

Not Getting Visitors To Your Site? Now What? Your website is built and all ready to go, now you just need to get visitors. I’ll show you how to do just that with the easiest tools and methods. People often think that once their site is launched, that is the end of the project. You couldn't be more wrong. Actually it's just the very beginning of your web life....

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