Secret formula for effective post writing

Secret Formular For Writing Effective Posts

In my previous post, you learnt about 3 Tools To Make Content Marketing Effective & Easy. Now that you have the right tools and knowledge to gain ideas and keywords for your posts, the next step is to create them.


In this post, I’m going to tell you the secret formula that I use to write effective posts. This formula will make writing a lot easier for you and a lot more interesting for your readers.


Blogging Doesn’t Have To Cripple You In Terms Of Time & Effort

If you jump in and just try to write posts anyhow, you will start to hit a brick wall and writing becomes difficult. Following a proven formula not only improves the readability of your posts but helps you greatly in terms of time and effort.


Following a formula will keep you focused and you will find that the writing comes so much easier when you do so.


Blogging Is So Much More Than You Think

Lot’s of people just jump in and write what they feel, but writing posts should be a lot more structured. Rather than have your own self or story on your mind when writing, you should have your target audience in mind instead. As well as your mission, what you wish to get back from your post (call to action) and what benefits the post is offering.


Focus on offering as much benefit to the reader as possible as well as offering additional help or resources should they need it.


People also have a perception that when they write a post it is going to be seen and read. No! The internet is very noisy and you have to work hard to cut through that noise. When you have cut through the noise you need to make sure you engage your readers well.


Green arrowThe Secret Formula

So let’s dive in and look at the fomula I use:


Must Have

The Promise

Start your post with a short paragraph about what your post is about and how the reader is going to be better off after reading your post.

Must Have

The Problem

Tell them what the initial problem is and what you are going to do to help them solve that problem.


Myth Busting

If you can bust a myth this will go a long way to possition you as the expert because it shows your knowledge and that you know what you’re talking about.

The Main Part

The Method

This is where you literally show them and teach them how to do it.

Tips & Tricks

Do's & Don'ts

Here you give power tips and urge those that are new not to make certain mistakes

Call To Action

Next Steps

Tell them what you want them to do next. It could be to make a comment or share the article or order a service.


When Writing Posts Make Sure You:

  1. Make your post shareable by adding share buttons to the post and images.
  2. Make it scannable by using headings and sections that stand out.
  3. Show them in easy to follow steps.
  4. Help the target audience solve their problem or achieve their goal.
  5. Have an opinion. If you’re bold enough to shock then go ahead, it brings a lot of attention.
  6. If you can, have lots of people post on your blog for you so they can bring their audience to your blog too.


When Writing Posts Please Do Not:

  1. Forget about your mission. This is the “why” of your blog. Always keep it in mind when writing.
  2. Get hung up about how many comments you do or don’t get. It doesn’t matter.
  3. Waffle on and make huge paragraphs. This will make it hard to read.
  4. Forget about your calls to action. Tell them what you would like them to do.


Now that you have a working and proven method in your favor, go ahead and write. Don’t forget to use the tools and methods mentioned in my other post before you write and please hit the share buttons or comment below to show your thanks.











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