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Why Your Site Needs To Be Mobile Friendy

Mobile friendly sites are now in vogue and although most people request their sites to be mobile friendly some people just don’t know what this means or why their site looks as it does on a mobile phone.


I’d like to try and demonstrate what a mobile-friendly site should look like and why things need to be displayed in a mobile-friendly order to benefit your sites performance and achieve the goals you deserve.


The Uprise Of Mobile Friendly Sites

Since smartphones came into our lives, we now browse the internet all the time from our phones. Because of this Google favors sites that are mobile friendly in it’s rankings, above those that are not. If your website is not optimised properly for mobile it will not rank well in mobile search results.


50-60% of searches in the western hemisphere are done on mobile phones so whether or not you like the way sites are designed for mobile you should start to get used to it and make sure your site is optimised for mobile.


Statistics for mobile search are rapidly rising so if you miss this trick you will be missing out on the majority of searches.


How Does Mobile Search Affect Your Ranking?

The more popular your site the more authority Google gives you. The more authority Google gives you the higher you will rank. If your site is not visible on mobile search, that means your click through rate will decrease considerably. This decrease will impact on your rankings a great deal.

Besides this, people search and share a great deal on mobile search so if people are not finding you on mobile you’re not being linked to by others at all. This will be another huge impact on your ranking.


For a complete guide on mobile friendly sites visit Googles Guide to Mobile friendly sites and check how your site performs on mobile.


Testing Your Site

Using Google’s test only tests one page at a time so it is good to test with it when you add a new page, but if you want to test your whole site try this test


This will give you a list of all the errors found. This test is very generous in giving passes so if you get a fail you really got some work to do.


Making your site mobile-friendly is very technical and requires complex coding so hiring a technical professional to do this for you would be a good start.


Why Can I Not See My Menu In Mobile View?

When you have a mobile friendly website, the usual layout changes so that it is made easy to navigate. Having a full menu visible on a small screen is not possible so the universal hamburger menu and sticky menus have been introduced.


Instead of seeing a full menu you will see a hamburger symbol, that when clicked will reveal a verticle menu on the whole of your screen.



Mobile View
You’ll see that the menu is disblayed as a hamburger symbol and the menu appears vertically when pressed.


If this was not mobile friendly, in order for you to see the site it would look so small you would have to fiddle to zoom in. Once zoomed in you would only be able to see part of the images or videos and you would have to keep scrolling left or right to see the rest.


It’s so fiddly and difficult to view a site that way so you would most probably give up and wait to view it on a desktop. Using the hamburger menu and seeing the site in blocks makes it much easier to see and navigate.


What To Do If You Need A Mobile Friendly Site.

Leaving your site un-mobile friendly will be a huge mistake for you if you are counting on getting a good amount of free traffic from Google.


Investing on a web designed to be mobile friendly will make a huge difference to your sites popularity. This can be a very technical task so hiring a web designer to do this for you would be a good start.



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