It's great to know what other are saying about you. You really get a true reflection when it comes from those whom I have worked with.
A great experience with what turned out to be a great end result

Muslimah Web Design provided me with far more than a basic web design/development service and Sarah went above and beyond with providing input, ideas, suggestions, feedback and more.


Two things that Sarah did while we were working together really struck me. The first was, ‘Insha Allah I like to make things easy’ and the second was, ‘If you’re going to do a job at all make sure it’s done properly. That’s my motto!’


I found both of these to be true reflections of the designer herself and of the excellent service provided, which was thorough, efficient, professional but always easy-going and friendly and with an aim of finding an amicable solution.


The final outcome of my experience was that ended up with a solution able to meet my needs, within my budget, and a site that I am genuinely happy with, alhamdullilah with many thanks due to Sarah’s input.


Overall, it was a great experience with what turned out to be a great end result, alhamdulillah.


I would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to set up a new website, tweak an existing one, learn how to do it yourself or just get general advice on what direction to move your project in.


Founder of Healthy Muslimah

Maa Sha Allah. A Great service and Website!

Maa shaa Allah the website for our Centre sums up what we are beautifully! I gave Hantaah some information and it was transformed into a unique,informative website alhamdulilah. It was done quickly and more than met the purpose I wanted it for. I have received many good comments on the look of the website and the detailed information it offers.

Jack Jones

Director at Ummul Mumineen Centre

A unique service with unique features!

MashAllah we have a beautiful, user friendly website that has helped to promote our service.

It has unique features and is interactive and child friendly.
Hantaah continues to develop and maintain our website which gives us peace of mind.

Jack Jones

Founder of Sakeenah Education Centre

  • Bev, IBJ. / Founder

    Sarah has been my first contact and I can 100% say how fantastic she has been. Her proposal stood out due to her flexibility to meet my needs which was discussed at length pre project which reassured me that I was getting exactly what I needed. Sarah's offer of additional training was something that made her proposal unique as this will be really useful for the future. Most importantly I can see the passion and enthusiasm Sarah has for delivering excellent customer service and products which she absolutely delivered on. Sarah's approach to work and her clients will ensure she develops long term relations and strategic links which will benefit both parties. I absolutely recommend Sarah and most certainly will use her services again in the future.

  • Umm Hakeem, Islam In Cardiff. / Organiser

    Maa shaa Allah the website designed for us by Hantaah more than met my expectations! The process was made very easy for us in terms of providing what information we wanted on our website andHantaah did the rest and in fact added little extras I wouldn't have thought of alhamdulilah. The website has been a big asset to our business and the extra services provided now the website is set up have been a huge support to help the continuous successful running of the Bookshop alhamdulilah.